Tired of Paying Too Much For Your Electric Bill?

Electric companies nationally are looking for new customers. Opal Power connects our customers with national energy suppliers to find you the best rates and save you money.

Competitive Pricing

Opal Power has some of the most competitive prices in the industry. Our relationships with electricity suppliers and gas suppliers across the United States allows us to provide our consumers with affordable rates. Our mission at Opal Power is to partner our valued customers with the right energy company for them. No matter your energy needs, we will be able to find the right solutions.

The Opal Power Difference

What sets Opal Power apart from the competition is its knowledge of the industry. Opal Power has great working relationships with power suppliers and thus we are able to offer competitive pricing. Whether you are looking for power for a large business or for a small family’s household, Opal will be able to broker you the best deal.

Tolerance of Risk

One of the greatest challenges of procuring a low cost energy rate is managing the level of risk. The free market nature of the energy industry allows consumers to determine how much risk they are willing to bear. Risk and price have an inverse relationship which means that the lower the price, the higher the risk associated with that quote.